A business should solve a problem


The trouble is, I don’t believe that many people think it’s a problem. But here it is, you tell me:  riding my bike through the countryside, or driving, I am saddened by how many large parcels I see that are just grass. Long grass, mowed grass, no livestock or fences, just grass, sometimes with a few tired old Crepe Myrtles or Bradford Pears, because this is what most folks think of as landscaping.

The land used to be a forest, with layers of life and productivity. Now, it produces almost nothing. No wildlife habitat, no forest garden, nothing. The owner, I imagine, earns money to buy all of his food, energy, entertainment, instead of producing any of it in a vibrant ecology.

With a little love and planning, there could be orchards, wildlife habitat, livestock, garden beds, pollinator and rain gardens, outdoor learning areas. These are areas that produce what people and the planet need.


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