Upcoming classes:

Growing the Permaculture Garden

Saturday July 14, 2018. 11am-1pm (two hours) at Johnny’s Gone Fishing in Carrboro, NC. Free / donations welcome. 


Our world can leave us feeling powerless. Reading about ecological loss and horrifying injustices can convince us there is nothing we can do. In a time like this, Permaculture is an art that gives us a skillful alternative. By beginning at the roots – often literally – we reclaim personal and community power in the here and now and create a gift we can pass on to generations beyond us.

In our next Permaculture class, come learn to balance a way of seeing with the skills to back it up. We’ll explore how to grow a garden in a Permaculture way while also learning to see just what a garden can mean for us and our communities in this time and place. Learn how the best thing to sow next to tomatoes is non-violent revolution. Grow food, medicine, and a future while healing the water, soil, air, ourselves, and our communities.

There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions. Everyone at any part of this journey is welcome.

Part of an on-going gift-based Permaculture series at Johnny’s

ABOUT THE SERIES: Come participate in a conversation and hands-on series led by Golden Egg Permaculture that uses permaculture principles to explore the question: How can humans be regenerative participants in the ecosystems we depend on?

Permaculture is a radically empowering process to reengage our world in systemic ways. By starting small, right at our doorsteps, we can create tangible community resilience in our lifetime and for generations of future beings.

Come and learn how the old dance of meeting our needs – for food, water, shelter, community, and healing – can be the very same one that leaves our wounded wild and human ecologies healed and whole. Each meeting will focus on a specific topic, though other themes and past and future topics will likely weave in.

This series invites you to learn, develop and apply the principles and ideals of Permaculture here at Johnny’s and to take what you learn to your spaces as well! We are excited to see where this conversation goes and what we learn, grow and create together.

Gardeners, activists, healers, artists, revolutionaries, fools, eternal beginners, novices and the wise: come learn and remember together. All ages, all stages welcome. Free to attend, donations welcome.