At Golden Egg, we’ve been asked to apply Permaculture design to sites ranging from dozens of acres to a few hundred square feet.  The people we work with can have very differing levels of experience and resources, and projects can be simple consultations to long on-going engagements.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach to how we work with people, and we like it that way.

That said, we try to offer some standard suggested design services to help you understand what we do and decide how you’d best like us to help while staying within your budget.

Our Pricing

It can feel awkward charging people for permaculture design, because the depth of connection often feels a lot like a friendship.  When you invite us to see your home and try to help you with some of what matters most to you, we’re going to be rooting for your success and wanting to do all we can to help. It’s hard to charge someone that feels like a friend, and it’s hard to not do a lot of extra work for clients just because we want their land and home to flourish.  All land is sacred, and in our experience, the people who ask for permaculture help carry something very special.

Our current rates at Golden Egg are based upon 5 years of permaculture design experience, having studied in 4 different programs, worked with dozens of clients, and lived off-grid for 3 years developing two different permaculture homesteads.  They are also based on what we need to sustain our work.

We are certain that the value that permaculture design can provide is worth many more times whatever we’d charge for it, since the impact of good permaculture design can last for decades and beyond (and the cost of bad design mistakes can do the same!).  We also recognize that money in America is all kinds of broken and we do not want to restrict this art based on income.  If affording our rates would keep you from working with us, please talk to us.  We will do our best to work with you.

Land Consultation

When to Use a Detailed Landscape Design

What some people most associate with permaculture design is a detailed, on-paper (or computer) drawing of land complete with plant placement.  This is similar to what a landscape architect produces for a client.

This level of design can be very helpful for some clients and works especially well when a project has many stakeholders or when work will be shared among many different parties, but we do not recommend it in all circumstances.

A potential risk is that it can be mistaken for an exact map to follow, when in fact the best permaculture designs come from long observation, and they stay flexible based on what we learn over years.

Another challenge is that the on-paper design, depending on the size of the land and the level of detail, can take time to generate that may not fit into all clients’ budgets.