Designing for a Radical Lifestyle Shift

img_20170414_143735605-e1497298422713.jpgWe live in uncertain times. For some of us, it feels like the right time for a more radical reconsideration of some of the basic assumptions about how we live. As whole systems design that addresses our most fundamental needs, Permaculture is uniquely able to help us on this long journey home.

Going off-grid, becoming (collectively) self-sufficient, achieving independence from planet- and people- exploiting processes, and moving outside the industrial mainstream can help some of us finally feel like we’re living our deepest held values and honoring our intuitions about what we’ll need to adapt to an unforeseeable future.

We bring direct experience with many of the key struggles of making these changes and have a lot of perspective on what we wish we knew when we began. Whether you’ve already started a homestead or ecological community, or are just beginning to wonder what it would involve to do so, we can make sure you don’t have to do it all on your own.

Since this work is highly customized to your needs, please contact us about our sliding scale pricing.