Living in harmony with nature begins with small, simple steps.

foodtankmemeFor our homes, our gardens, our communities, and ourselves, Permaculture offers practical and holistic solutions to take us closer to our goals for an ecological and abundant life beginning from right where we are.

By helping us move from consumers to producers, from fragile to resilient, and from alienated to reintegrated, Permaculture gives us the tools to survive uncertainty, stop harming the planet we depend on, and create enough to share with our human and wild communities.

The designers that make up Golden Egg Permaculture bring experience in rural, suburban, urban, village, and homestead settings.

Let us use our combined decades of Permaculture experience to help you:

  • Move from consumer to producer of your own food, medicine, energy, and community.
  • Create a lifestyle more aligned with your deepest values.
  • Be resilient in the face of economic and ecological turbulence.
  • Learn about your local plants, animals, wild foods, seasonal lifeways, and ecosystems.
  • Take back your time by using holistic design to improve your everyday processes.
  • Beautify, restore, and nourish the ecosystems and communities you exist in.
  • Create a whole-home design that integrates dwelling, landscape, and people into a functional, ecological whole.
  • Transform social systems by skillfully employing social Permaculture tools.
  • Learn the transformative design system of Permaculture to use in your own daily life.
  • Get support for your own Permaculture work from friendly designers with different experiences.


Permaculture teaches that we all have a vital role to play in the health of the ecosystems we depend on.

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