Living a more natural, local, ecological life can begin with small and simple steps.

With our experience of Permaculture, we offer practical, appropriate solutions to begin moving towards your goals. We can help you:

  • Move from consumer to producer by growing your own food, medicine, energy, and community.
  • Empower yourself in this turbulent time to live a lifestyle much more aligned with your deepest values.
  • Restore your nature connection, learning the rhythms of the local plants, animals, wild foods, seasons, and ecosystems.
  • Take back your time by using whole systems design to streamline and reduce waste in your everyday processes.
  • Beautify, restore, and nourish the ecosystems and communities you exist in.
  • Create a whole-home design that integrates house, landscape, and people into a functional, ecological whole.
  • Transform social systems and organizations you participate by skillfully employing social Permaculture tools.
  • Learn the transformative design system of Permaculture to use however you choose in your own life.

Permaculture teaches that we all have a unique and vital role to play in the health of the ecosystems we depend on.

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