There are no mistakes in a forest. There is no problem that does not hold the seed of its own solution.

There is no waste in a forest. There is no fertilizer, no irrigation, no weeding. Every being’s gifts are another being’s needs.

We don’t have to do it all. Trees want to grow. Animals create homes. Everything gardens. We only have to join in.

We don’t have to know it all. When we hear the land, tending our home becomes a dance. Each step follows the next.

We don’t have to hurry. Life has a rhythm. If we feel too busy, we can try on a tree’s sense of time.

We don’t have to grow alone. The resilience of a tree is in the other trees, plants, fungi, and animals. We complete each other.

Flowering forest garden path
Mulched path in a small forest garden. In the garden, shrubs, trees, animals, and vegetables can be integrated together. Weeds are used as food, medicine, habitat, and mulch. Once established, the plants grow with little-to-no water or human intervention.

Instead of interrupting the song of life, Permaculture teaches us how to join the music. It shows that each of us is needed exactly where we are. Together we find our way home – back to the garden, where all good things begin.

Working With Us

(Co-) Designing

We help you learn and apply the permaculture design system to your home and land and offer continual support through the seasons.


We teach permaculture workshops and offer mentor and volunteer opportunities. Find a class or ask about teaching on your land.


We help you learn the skills to tend land in a permaculture way. We also can help with specialized work, like earthworks.

Seedballs – Permaculture writings by Matthew Watersong

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Permaculture is deeply indebted to the rooted generational wisdom of the indigenous peoples of the lands where we work, live, and heal. We grow gratefully in the shade of the seed breeders, the land tenders, the song and story keepers, and all those who knew how to be harmony to the great music of earth. If you are inspired to support our local indigenous peoples, please consider giving to the Occaneechi Saponi, the Haliwa Saponi, the Cherokee, the Lumbee, and the other indigenous wisdom keepers of this land that feeds and shelters us.

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