Permaculture Classes and Workshops

Our Permaculture workshops are on hold for the season but we’re giving many opportunities to learn in community via the Permaculture Guild. Sign-up with your e-mail address to get updates on future classes.

We teach permaculture workshops for beginner and intermediate skill levels.

Teaching a class on your land can be a great way to bring in some extremely positive energy of enthusiastic students and get some real design and work done. Reach out to us if you’d like to partner for a workshop on your land.

Personalized Teaching and Mentoring

Whether new to Permaculture or not sure what to do next after taking a Permaculture Design Certificate course, we love to offer support and structure for your on-going learning journey.

If you already work with land, we can customize our teaching to the needs of how to work with your land. The lessons can result in usable designs, co-created by you.

On a sliding scale basis, we provide 1-on-1 teaching and guidance for your permaculture journey. Teaching can also be traded for work-assistance with our land projects.

Permaculture Learning Guild

We’ve just launched our new Permaculture Learning Guild, which is a way for us to learn collaboratively and form a network of mutual support in the Piedmont region. Check it out!

Volunteer Opportunities

We actively tend land, primarily in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. If you’d like to be involved in working alongside us as we go through all the magical and mundane steps of creating a permaculture homestead and forest garden, reach out. We are also open to a longer term volunteer relationship where you work with us more regularly and get deep experience in all the skills we use on a daily basis, like off-grid living, forest gardening, natural building, and more.

Contact Us

For any of these learning opportunities or other creative possibilities, just reach out.