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We’re lucky to know so many inspiring humans who are practicing and learning permaculture locally but they’re often doing it alone, or nearly so. As an art that is fundamentally about beneficial interconnections, We know that permaculture really needs to be learned and practiced together.

This is why we’ve organized a Piedmont NC Permaculture Learning Guild. The goals are for us all to benefit from the experience and mutual support of each other (and make friends), and to continue to grow this movement locally so that there are thousands of skilled and supported ‘permies’ and thousands more resilient places of tended wild diversity thriving in the Piedmont.

We’ll share our permaculture needs, skills, projects, seeds, saplings, and stories, and work on a small project as a group, like planting a forest garden or restoring a creek.

Whether you’re new to permaculture, have just completed your PDC, or are actually yourself a walking trellis for a bunch of rare fruit-bearing vines no one has heard of, this will be an experience that will help you continue to learn and stay connected.

We hope to see you there!!

Want to Join? Here’s What To Do…!

E-mail and tell us that you’d like to be added to the Guild list. One of us will put you on the list and send an invite to the online platform we use to coordinate the guild.

Matt wants to especially give thanks to a teacher and friend, Zev Friedman, for demonstrating something a lot like this by starting the Piedmont Forest Farming Cooperative, which ended up connecting so many of us in beautiful friendship, and who seems to be one of the most devoted people he’s ever met to getting us to connect in mutual support.

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