Who We Are

Golden Egg Permaculture is the collaboration of NC Piedmont area Permaculture designers with decades of diverse Permaculture skills and experiences.

We provide Permaculture design to serve your goals through site visits, collaborative designs, and education. If something is outside our expertise, we rely on our network to find someone with the right experience for your needs.

Main Designer(s)

Matt in a cave

Matthew Watersong studied with numerous Permaculture teachers at Wild Abundance and apprenticed at Earthaven Ecovillage.  In 2016 he began co-tending 17 acres of wild as an experimental forest farm community and model of resilient living for an uncertain future.  He made a lot of really good mistakes.  He now co-tends a 1 acre off-grid homestead in the Piedmont of North Carolina and a 14 acre mountain valley in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia and he is working on long-term permaculture restoration of many acres of farmland in South Carolina. 

Matt brings experience in forest gardens, climate-adapted food production, farmland restoration, regenerative water systems, systems thinking, off-grid living, holistic decision making, and goal-setting methods.  He lives to reconnect others (and himself) with the wild as a way of bringing us back into balance, vitality, and awe. 

Consulting Network of Very Talented Beings


(Original co-founder of Golden Egg Permaculture) Liane Salgado trained in ecology and GIS at UNC and the University of Michigan (MS), and by working since the 1980s with numerous talented people on landscapes and lifestyles that work with nature to produce what humans need. She created and maintains a productive food forest near Carrboro, NC, and has designed pre-schools, suburban, and rural parcels.