Permaculture Design

Permaculture design is an unfolding process that helps us create systems which mimic the healthful patterns and relationships found in nature, yielding abundant, beautiful, and resilient food, shelter, health, energy, and community.

Permaculture systems leave the soil, air, water, and biological communities better off than they were. In a consciously designed permaculture system, humans are not a problem, but one of the keystone species of local regeneration.

In Permaculture design work, we stop struggling with what is and we listen for what wants to be. With patience and practice, we re-enter deep relationship with our wild and human communities. Rather than surviving by trying to control all the variables, we build literal and cultural soil.

using a laser to measure contour for digging a swale
Using a laser, we measure the precise contours of the land to plan a 600 foot long water and nutrient catching swale. Interventions like these can lead to dramatic changes in water and soil health, but they require observation and design.

What to Expect When We Work Together

  • We start with a free 30-60 minute call to determine if we’re a good fit to work together.
  • From there, we visit to learn as much as we can about the land and the people who tend it.
  • Then, together, we listen for the next best steps to take.
  • When needed, we are there to support those steps with our skills and experience.
  • We stay engaged with you through the seasons to help you and the land continue to evolve together.

We charge an hourly rate and don’t ask for a contract or a large amount up-front, but we strongly suggest making a long-term commitment to the project for best results.

More on How We Work

For every design, we ask you to be deeply involved in the process.  We are not landscape architects.  We don’t want to look at your land and draw up a big design that tells you (or a landscaper) what to do!  You’ve been given a place to care for and you will come to know more about it than we ever can.

The design and consultation work we do is meant to help you immerse into what is already alive in your land and yourself and, from there, find the next best steps to take, one at a time.

We help you see emergent patterns of plants, water, animals, people, structures, etc., and to help you deepen into the art of regenerating your land by meeting your needs. 

No one can know more about your land than you and the other people who live there; but we can be of tremendous help as as guides along the way.

Learn more about why we no longer focus on making a master plan or contact us to work together.