Permaculture for Your Home & Land

IMAG1675Transform your home into an ecological oasis of abundant life.

We’ll walk around your land together listening to your goals, dreams, and situation, and present you with practical opportunities for working with your water, soil, energy, built environment, and plant and animal systems.

You’ll come away with a new perspective on the possibilities of your land as well as simple, appropriate, actionable steps you can use on your journey  your personal goals of integration with your environment.

Because we want to be sure your plan succeeds, we also offer to connect you with a network of resources, exchange, and peer support to ensure you reach these goals over time, as well as provide some basic educational information on Permaculture and specialty topics relevant to your situation.

For our Home Permaculture site visit, we usually start with a 2-hour site consultation.  Additional design time and visits are available after that.  Contact us for more information.