Permaculture Videos:

Geoff Lawton, the Permaculture Design Manual in a one hour YouTube

Toby Hemenway on the historical context of agriculture, 30 minute podcast

Permaculture Books:

A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander 1977
Urban Permaculture: A Practical Handbook for Sustainable Living by David Watkins 1993
The Complete Book of Edible Landscaping; Home Landscaping,with Food-bearing plants and resource-saving techniques by Rosalind Creasy 1982
Regenerative Design for Sustainable Development by John Lyle 1994
  • Introduction to Permaculture                all by Bill Mollison
  • Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual
  • Permaculture One
  • Permaculture Two
Gaia’s Garden, a Guide to Homescale Permaculture by Toby Hemenway

Forest Gardens:

How You Make a Living From a 4 acre Permaculture Orchard

Soil Food Webs: From Farm to Garden?

Growing Topsoil

Creating a Food Forest – Step by Step Guide

How to Set up a Permaculture Farm in 9 Steps

Everything You Need to Know About Growing Trees From Seeds

Lessons from an Urban Back Yard Food Forest Experiment

A Permaculture Guide to Choosing Cover Crops

Businesses one or both of us recommend: Permaculture-based nursery in Black Mountain, but they often deliver locally if you pre-order.

Mail-order even more useful plants from Afton, VA Native plants and seed mixes, mostly for stream and wetlands restoration, but also bare root trees and shrubs. In Silk Hope, NC.

Here’s an excellent list of plants to incorporate into your design:

A planting guide for the NC Piedmont:

History of permaculture: