Tending Land

At Golden Egg, though we do some specialty work for our clients, we are not a full-service landscaping company. This is because we want to work with people who want to work directly with the land. We believe the real magic of Permaculture comes when everyone finds a way back into their gardens.

Ways we work with you:

Tending + Learning Together

Being new to tending land and gardens, or changing from modern gardening to permaculture techniques can be daunting.

Add to it that some books make it sound like you need half a day, ten different amendments, and a degree in biology to plant a fruit tree and it can help to have someone by your side who can show you how tremendously easy and wildly fun this work can be while helping you avoid simple mistakes.

We can come to your land and work alongside you to guide you in implementing changes to your land while leaving you with the skills so you can continue yourself and even teach others. Knowing us, we’ll probably also point out some edible plants or get distracted sharing tree stories – another reason we are not a full-service landscaping company!

thor and matt planting a tree
Thor and Matt planting a tree

Organizing a Work Push or Workshop

We know from experience that sometimes what is most needed for land is a big work push! Nothing can build motivation to keep working with your land more than having a bunch of bright-spirited humans come and bust out a new forest garden, pond, or orchard section in one day. We ask for your help finding volunteers from your friends and community. Sometimes we can turn this into a small workshop which can be helpful to bring people in.

Specialty Work

Not everyone has to know how to do everything or have the tools for everything. Permaculture is, after all, about relationships and interconnections. As permaculture designers, we have access to specialized skills and tools that you may not need to possess but that your land would benefit from. An example is planning and digging larger earthworks. Not everyone has to know how to use an excavator, and the contour laser we use can greatly speed up the work of finding the water level. For things we don’t know how to do, we can connect you with experts who do.

matt digging a swale
Digging a 2-acre swale in South Carolinaafter long observation of the water in the landscape!!

Reach out

If you’d like to talk to us about co-tending your land, reach out.